E-Learning System

In terms of process, e-learning is still a lot like traditional learning. But there's an intangible quality too. E-learning is more exciting, more energetic.

"The endless searching, low quality sites, and broken links usually associated with surfing the internet for content have been eliminated and the problem of utilizing the sites in a functional academic manner has been solved."

- Robert W. Brown, Jr.
Cleveland County Schools

Our goal with WebLessons was to create a system that would greatly simplify the enormous complexity of teaching and learning from Web-based resources. To succeed we had to confront numerous technical and logistical challenges, such as:

  • How can we eliminate (or greatly reduce) the time it takes teachers to prepare a Web-based learning activity?
  • How can we get students from one web site to the next without wasting a lot of instructional time?
  • How can we eliminate the need for students to manage multiple windows?
  • How can we eliminate the need for printed worksheets or handwritten responses? In other words, how can we take advantage of the digital environment?
  • How can we simplify the process of assigning and grading online lessons?

WebLessons is the result of countless hours of inquiry, observation, technical research, usability testing, and programming. Now in its second iteration, WebLessons is the most powerful end-to-end e-learning system of its kind. For students, WebLessons is a fun and engaging tool that coordinates an entire learning experience into a single elegant interface. For teachers, WebLessons is a robust learning management system (LMS) that provides:

  • Comprehensive lesson guides packed with subject information and standards correlation
  • Complete online class and student management capabilities
  • Online lesson assignment and grading
  • Online messaging and student feedback

Additional administrative functionality is also available for school and district administrators, including permissioning and various utilization reports.