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At this time of year, someone who sneezes or coughs sends everyone around them ducking for cover. The flu attacks in a variety of virus strains and passes through the human population during fall and winter every year. The amount of flu cases fluctuates from year to year, but this year, it seems we have an epidemic on our hands. Following the global Ebola scare, it seems poignant that we should now be discussing the implications of yet, another epidemic.


What exactly qualifies a cough or a sneeze as the ‘flu’? Read the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Flu Web site explanation of the seasonal flu. Find out about the symptoms of the flu in order to recognize the indicators. Then read about the outlook for the current season.  A mutated form of the virus is dodging the vaccine that millions of have already taken – read more about how the flu virus mutates.

flu3 USA Today reported that the Flu outbreak is now an epidemic; how bad will it be? Watch the Washington Post video reporting on the CDC: Flu reported in almost every state. Huffington Post also covered a CDC statement that U.S. Flu Numbers At Epidemic Threshold. Watch the video from Sun Times that covers the spread of the disease and 15 dead children already! This CNN video discusses how analysts can predict when and where the flu will hit.flu4

Look closely at this Map [that] Reveals Which States Are Seeing Highest Levels. Then take a look at the New York Times graph, As Feared, It’s a Season of High Flu Intensity. Read the article that follows about 17 year old Shannon Zwanziger who came down with a deadly bought of the flu.

flu5 Preventing the spread of the flu virus and protecting yourself from others is tantamount to surviving the flu season. The Stuttgart Health department offers tips to prevent the flu virus (Stuttgart Daily Ledger). Time Magazine discusses How To Prevent The Flu This Winter. In fact, Time also shares that Hugs Can Prevent the Flu. Despite there being different strains and mutations of the virus, Forbes Magazine suggests that you Get Your Flu Shot Anyway, Despite Genetic "Drift".flu7