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blackhistory7 The month of February is a designated time where schools and organizations make concerted efforts to acknowledge and celebrate the lives and contributions of black persons, both past and present. Certainly it is important to recognize and consider the accomplishments of so many historical figures of color on a year-round basis. However, February marks the month when a concerted effort is placed upon the significance the plethora of accomplishments made historically and currently today.blackhistory2

Newspapers across the United States offer a myriad of suggestions for ways to learn about and remember and apply the values of what so many many important men and women have contributed to American society.  It is important to consider that Black History Month should help us to confront the past as well as celebrate it… by highlighting the works and lives of black Americans, we all, the whole nation, can become more aware and account for and correct past and present injustices.

blackhistory1 The New York Times has posted a collection of excellent articles that focus on a variety of people who have made contributions to the world in a variety of essential ways. Start with Celebrate Black History Month. This link contains a collection of archived historical New York Times front pages that relate to this topic. Each link provides a copy of the actual front page complete with images. This is an excellent primary source and amazing way to bring the reality of the past into the present classroom. Make sure to post the Slide Show | Times Photographs of the Civil Rights Era for the whole class.blackhistory4

Continue with the set of lesson plans from the New York Times that covers topics from slavery to the Harlem Renaissance to the civil rights movement to affirmative action and other race issues. The Chicago Tribune’s Black History Month assemblage of articles and lesson ideas is the next place to visit. There are features and news posts, entertainment updates, and opinion posts that your classroom can explore and learn amazing information and hear inspiring stories.

blackhistory3 Another amazing news source, the Huffington Post, has posted its own dedication page to Black History Month. The video interviews and blog posts are excellent ways to start classroom dialogue. There are numerous ideas on this link that will enhance your classroom’s opportunities to gain from such valuable contributors to our world.

blackhistory6 During this whole month of February, newspapers will be dedicated to posting articles and lesson ideas that will expose students to numerous black Americans who have enhanced the world we live in. Make sure to look for those articles and ideas and share them with others in your classroom. Make an effort to learn something new about the black community.blackhistory5