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amazon4 Watch out Sony, Nintendo, Wii, Microsoft…there’s a new player on the scene… video game player that is. After much speculation, Amazon, the e-commerce giant and shipping mega-conglomerate superpower, is breaking into the video gaming world.amazon1

The idea started well over a year and a half ago. Read the Washington Post’s articles, Is there a place for Amazon in the gaming market? and Why Amazon is paying nearly $1 billion to acquire Twitch. This was one of a few initial hints at what Amazon was planning. A week ago, Fortune news magazine reported This company wants to compete with Sony in the video game streaming market. And then just last week, Business Insider reported that Amazon is hiring a dream team to build its first PC game.

amazon5 Over the weekend, the news exploded all over the Web that yes, indeed, Amazon is working ardently to comprise a team of video game designers to their first foray into video gaming. According to The Standard Daily, E-commerce Giant Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) on a Hiring Spree for Building an Interesting New PC Game.  amazon3

The excitement of a new Amazon video game has created a great deal of chatter online. Read the USA Today article Amazon readies a bigger play in video game development. The Times Daily Gazette reports that Amazon Plunges Into The Rough And Tumble Yet Lucrative Gaming Industry; Aims At PC Game Niche. NewsQuench wonders Is Amazon.com making a new zombie video game? The Westside Story also reports that Amazon Inc. plans to enter booming Video Games Industry, developing games for PC and Consoles.

amazon2 So as Amazon releases information in the weeks to come regarding its much-anticipated entry into the video game realm, children and adults of all ages will eagerly await the news and the ultimate release of the games. Amazon has been a leader in online shopping providing excellent and rapid service. The company has more than proven itself as one of the top corporations in the world. Their exploration and eventual entry into video gaming is not such a surprise.amazon6