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080812-2 Ring ring ring; bleep bleep bleep! As students stare down the barrel of another exciting, exhilarating, and even exhausting school year, Literacy and English Language Arts topics scream from the top of upcoming assignment lists, project plans, and test prep. While most elementary students are expected to read anywhere from half hour to an hour each night, secondary students are required to spend a significant portion of their after-school time reading. Anything - texts, periodicals and newspapers, online research, and even- yes, books for pleasure.


Fun reading doesn’t have to be a nostalgic memory of elementary and middle school. Plenty of books from a variety of book lists provide vast entertainment while teaching a variety of topics from all genres and even SAT / ACT style grammar and vocabulary skills! Where to look for something creative, inspiring, informative, enriching? Look no further than the local library/bookstore or online biblio-sites with downloadable e-books.

Read for Fun

080812-1 While you may or may not have finished your reading assignments from school, tap into some stories that will add some spark to the long, endless weekdays (and nights). Many findings point towards reports that teens are simply not reading enough; especially not enough reading for entertainment.  Read the Christian Science Monitor’s argument for why Reading is the ‘Perfect Hobby’.

Reading Lists

080812-3 Not sure what to pick? Let’s find out what some folks you may or may not know are reading. Grab your e-reader or a real book and settle in for adventure and exploration in the comfort of your back porch or the cozy living room couch.

Easy to Fit in Reading

Quick tech idea; if you have a list of books you want to read and do not want to forget the titles, or if you have read a book by a specific author and want to find more books, read this excellent overview from The Ledger for online library/reading tools.


Book lists are like ‘cheat sheets’ – allowing you to gain more than a glimpse of the cover. While it is fun to browse the shelves, reading other’s reviews and recommendations points to some delightful tales, inspiring real life stories, and insightful information. Stop in the library or bookstore, grab your Kindle, Nook, or actual book and start reading a tantalizing new tale.